A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now



F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

P A R A N O R M A L   - IS -   N O R M A L

A    B O D Y '   S     L I F E

"At fifteen months, I came down with double pneumonia and died.

At six years, I had a terrible accident while skating.
My bones broke and I hit my head.
I died again.

At fourteen, I was thrown from a horse while riding bareback and landed bottom-up. And died.

At twenty-five, I hit a tree and was thrown out of the Jeep.
And died.

At thirty-six, I broke down and prepared to
get out for another to make use of
the body and simply relinquished.
You would call it death.

At forty-six, one occupant left for a while and
the new occupant moved forward.

At forty-seven, I caught a strange illness, with
symptoms of Legionaires Disease and, once
again, I died.

At fifty-five, the current occupant sent out a call for the earlier occupant
to re-enter
and put an image forward. I will be a receiving and
sending station for a while.

All things seem relatively normal
in function."

Could this be your body speaking? This is not an unusual testimony from the physical perspective of those who pay attention to changeovers in the control or entry-exits of spirit into physical matter. The word "body-suit" takes on an entirely new meaning when one remembers his or her entries. Do you have a memory of coming into your body? Or of leaving it? Are you aware of those other entities who may be sharing it with you or leaving for retransformation of materials? Do you remember the station and the tunnel - the bridge here? Remember the bodies on the wall?
You may be a walk-in.

For those who have no memory of this: physical death of the body is the final expiration of it. Before that, if one inhabiting energy leaves, but is replaced by another or by the return of the first in sufficient time to preserve the body, it can be reused. This is called death, but not expiration of the body. This allows for more than one entity to make use of the body. Alternately, body doubles can be made and switched in order to continue the image indefinitely.
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This is a LECTURE SERIES presentation

These are words of the spirits themselves. If you do not agree
with their version...talk to them...
I am just the messenger!
Also, sometimes I hear and see and, at
other times, only hear...and so, I do the
best I can with spelling of names and places...

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