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The Queen's "Best Men" stop at a river to set up camp
and hunt game, while trying to set up a new port, like
the successful one they had at Amsterdam. A disagreement
with the locals (natives, they called them) over soup leads to the Queen's Best Man
being killed.

Some time not long after 1597 AD

Spirit of locals, named "Atrumpkin(sp?) and Adolph and others:
"We devise a plan for gestation that begins in spring so that
all will be ready by Fall. Shield. Guard. A mountain
exists that falls between us. Killed a guard.

Now we must be sure of this. His temperament is largely due to his size.
If we can "squeeze him" a bit more, make him fit, all will be well.
(In a storage bin?) We must make allowances for him...

The service was made of a device for stealing bread. Overhead
were the kitchens, the graineries, the nooks and crannies, so to speak. We must
look there for a device to steal so that we can look smaller again. Metal.
Clamp. It looks like a shaver.

Everywhere you look it's snowing. The brook is covered
up now. We cannot see. Our device is shielded. Flannel...shirt.

He says to us, "Emptiness is a volume. Count it.
Don't give up the disguise. Keep it up. We cannot harm you with it.
We would like to explain more to you, but we cannot. Around it
are many more likewise. Shielded to a grain."
(Guarding their stores?-ed)

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"Confederation considers it harmful. We must shield it.
It can look too easy and be brought into our existance daily.
We cannot let that happen.
I want my Mary to return. She left once with it in her hand.
Never came back. Ground it. Shaved it.
Count. Analexis (Anna Lexis?) Hapsburg."

Were those called the twins near you?

Spirit of local:
"They were living just down the way from us
at the time. Saw them frequently. I want to explain. I'm back on track.
We were "velvet." (An expression?-ed) We were...undeniably assuaged by the thought
he could never return to normalcy again."

Spirit of Queen's Best Man:
"The field grains were never enough for us.
We wanted more fresh food, like we had at home."

Who is "we" and where from?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man
"The Count and Countess, the Queen and others
who came to see us at camp..."

Were you twins or ferends?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"Tripped - guy wires - caught single-handedly trying to escape
the torture. Ansel (Hansel?)"

Why were you being tortured?

Spirit of Queen's Best Man:
"The natives wanted me to bring soup. I didn't.
We came naturally by it but we didn't have any at hand, you see.
He resisted twice. I shot him."

What year is this?

Spirit of Queen's Best Man:

What century?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"That? Don't know. We were twice burned out, you know.
Blizzard. Forest begins to burn, but we put it out quickly."

After you shot him and escaped from being tortured, what happened next?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:

What is the purpose of your encampment?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"We begin to peruse the surroundings for fresh meat
to serve. We are bested. River serves us well. We serve up soup.
Mostly roasted game and such."

Who does your group represent?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"The Queen's Best Men. She gave us her ...."

What do you know about the Jewish Priests and the twins?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"They never succeeded in establishing a
post here. Our refuge lies in establishing ports for our
cities. Amsterdam is one. We were fortunate there.
We like to believe there are others."

Where is your camp?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"At the narrow bend of the river near a fort/cairn
of the past. We'll bring revenue here,
lay foundations. Set it up."

Whose cairns?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"Who knows? They were once great upon this land.
Many of them now exist only in underground bunkers, in the dirt mostly."

What were they like?

The Queen's Best Man:
"A disciplined lot mostly. Always discussing, talking. A united front..."

Can you tell me more about yourselves?

The Queen's Best Man:
"Rotterdam. Royal Toon
She was bested by her groomsman...Royal Navy of Sweden..."(ed: Zuiden Holland?)

Were you Dutch?

Spirit of Queen's Best Man:
"A likeness."

After you died, do you remember what happened?

Spirit of the Queen's Best Man:
"I went with my mother."

Note: "Went with my mother" can also be an expression for burial at sea.
In 1597 AD Dutch traders brought the Cassowary to Europe from their trips to New Guinea and Java.
"Toon" is a Flemish name, being alternately first or surname.


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