A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s



In the following account, there are many spirits speaking with us and with each other.
They had an adventure once and wanted us to know about it. They also wanted to give justice
and credit to one named Belvedere for his bravery throughout.
Spirits names are given where clear and spelling is guessed.

"We are surprised you haven't heard about it. We survived
a crash once seen as impossible. We were certainly
impressed with ourselves, impressed with it. One of the machines
failed. We had a Twin-Air 180(?). I am one
who survived.

We practiced take-offs and landings of a nature not
short of a miracle. We flew over (Brazil?). We tried
going under...There appeared that which was of a
nature metallic.

(Shorthrove, name of spirit):
We try to bring it down to Earth. We try
to invent something like it, but haven't yet. We see it
as crystalline.

We haven't proved it yet. It was worth investigating.
We pillowed it. We tried to protect it. He (Belvedere)
was one of many nationalities aboard. We came to bring
him justice. His appearance was golden. I am one
of the crew. We saw one that could be explained
by pathways but could only...erupt in glitter.

Military reconnaissance.

Overland. Recon took over a year. The snakes.
We saw many times that we were in danger there. We
breathed lightly. Thomas said it was likely
a brickyard. We stole a glimpse. We made brilliant
efforts to overcome madness. We only found traces of it.
We overtook a journey inland twice. We needed plenty
of monetary assistance to do it. Jet planes can't deliver.
It was light...brilliant...constellation. Photographed twice - in the books.

Did you see the pilot on it?



I believe so. We saw a brilliant white light.
Over post. It came to land in a field below us. Brilliantine. (Jamaica)

Brakes...Only a fool would deliver to us like this.
Only someone capable of anything, you understand...
We were trying to land in a field of plenty of atheists.
Rudy told us to bring it "up a bit." We landed in the
fruit trees, a little short. He tried to make us
see that we were short. We hit hard...plenty of oxygen.
We went up high. We landed on level with...Andy says
we might try shaking it. He puts his hands on top - over it -
and we bring it down to level site. Bringing it down hurt us a bit.
We shook. Mention was made on the radio of us.
We bring silent responders (reponders?) If one could find
us sooner...Ed (Weekly, Breekly, Brinkley?) said Thomas was a flight school
ready for us to begin. We might bring at hand a good
accord in finance. A mighty wind began to shake us. We delivered hard core.

The Queen...The white light began to change - to trace -
outlines of it appear. We are shadowed.

Upwards. It made glances, turned left afield. We broke loose.
Heavenward. Up to a mighty height. Turned left. Averaged a good length,
then split apart.

Trailed us. Went off to distance.

Did you report it?

Yes. Twice. Couldn't be heard. We were above the
cloud cover. Morris reports (Morse reports?).

Echoes. On average we have seen these before. He was just
thinking that others might have seen them too. Across bridges, the like. We can report that others saw them, too.

Piloted? Natural?

I have often said these
things are explained by light. He says they have others like it...All turned
(tuned?) to the diagonal reponders (responders?).

(Another spirit):
I am the one of destiny France, of bearing benign
and a Little Eagle. I survived many years. Once over Togo.
Flower Fields. Andy makes for a good understanding.

I am one with the Queen. Morocco. Studebaker.
Horace Greeley. I can attest to this. We make journals.
We take to testify. Then suddenly we make deliverance.

For whom?)

The natives. Foreign-born entities try twice to switch us.
Flounder (Flander?) Beechcraft. Belvedere was the one to
save me. It it hadn't been for him and his mighty
machine...We built it. Onerous cuss. Shaking the natives was easy.
Getting up and out was the hard part. We lifted it high
and set it down easy somewhere else. An homage to him.
He made it easy. Belvedere was one of the ones made
to suffer a little. We tried to assist him in the
antiquaries but he made too little. Gave it up. Over the years he made it out again
and in the end the brave ones lasted...a long time.

And the white light?

The Captain said we should be quiet about it.
After all, they were trying to make it out alive.
We left it behind.

We bring great capacities for understanding. We give all
we can. March up to him will you? Bravery counts. We give coordinates. France."

See another UFO Story from Brazil,
as presented on the History Channel.

For those of you who have spoken with Asha
in the past about the men in blue decontamination suits and nose pieces
who were going into a contaminated zone
in Brazil, you may want to read one
of the many accounts of activity in
Varginha, Brazil, January 20, 1996.
U.S. Military operation gone bad? Something else? If so, why the cover-up?


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