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TOTAL FREEDOM comes at the expense of security. Freedom by nature allows not only for freedom of liberty, speech, movement, and ideas, but also the freedom to fail, stall, falter, and even die. You are "free" to either succeed or fail. Chance, risk, even danger fly alongside brilliance, amazement, and genius.

TOTAL SECURITY comes at the expense of freedom. A "secure" income may come with impositions upon ideas, dress, motion, and time. Physical security may require loss of adventure, vision, movement. You are not free to succeed or fail. There are restrictions. Total security may involve surrounding one's self with locked doors and windows and armed guards and protectors. But total security and total privacy do not generally walk alongside one another. Privacy is lost. A "secured" site does not feel free.

When each of us takes the time to look in the mirror and ask of ourselves which way we lean, the realization becomes revelation. Deep within ourselves we incline one way or another. While theoretically one might say, "the mid-point of the two extremes," the truth reveals that while we may be comfortable somewhere along the middle of the spectrum, we will lean to some extent toward one pole or the other. When pushed - really pushed - in our life's decisions and choices, ultimately this aspect of our nature impels us toward the choice closest to our leanings.

One who leans in the direction of freedom, when pushed, will take an option that may have more risk financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually, but for which ultimately, he cannot imagine the alternative. Explorers, entrepreneurs, pioneers, non-comformists, and home-frees are obvious examples. Less obvious are those who choose against the "restraints" of marriage, family or corporate environments or uniform codes.

The secure-minded often choose the group and class comforts of conformity, formulas and "roads to success" that are already well paved. Many choose partners, religions, neighborhoods or clothing that is "acceptable" or safe. They emphasize "safe practices." They avoid controversy. The extreme conformists who do as they are told, must always "fit in," and do not want to "rock the boat" nor risk losing their job" fit this mode.

Many will say, "I'm a little bit of both of these." Or that, "I'm freedom oriented about my ideas, but safety and security oriented about my health." You are balancing the mid-ground and teeter one way or the other in a normal day.

As you look in the mirror, realize that life offers many free will choices. How much freedom and how much security is the right mix? Choosing total freedom could cost your life, but feel absolutely perfect to you at the same time - you would not choose life any other way. Choosing total security could cost you your right to choose anything at all, including the right to choose to live, if the cost of total security is the sacrifice of your right of choice.

In the extreme "negative" potentials, both can lead to death. In the extreme" positive, both can feel divine.

"To thine own self be true (William Shakespeare)." "Know thyself.(Temple of Apollo at Delphi)." These often quoted platitudes apply here. Every day we make choices. What motivates us deeply? A subconscious need for freedom (flying) or security (warm, fuzzy blanket)?

In our community life we make choices as well. Do we want a "free" country? A "secure" country? Can we find the "just right" mix of laws and allowances that satisfies our needs for both?

These days, freedom advocates will be shouting, "No Police State," as forces of Homeland Security and the spies increase. The security-oriented may well feel more comfortable having cameras, alarms and phone spies everywhere because "danger" can be averted.

Balance. Just seven letters. Easy to pronounce. With billions of souls living on Earth today and more coming tomorrow, representing every degree and aspect of the complete spectrum between those wanting total freedom on one end and those wanting total security on the other end - not so easy to achieve.

Have you looked in the mirror? Which way do you lean? Are your actions, choices, decisions, support, activism (or lack of it) in harmony with your truest self? If not, can that explain your discomfort?

Consciousness is being aware. Awake. Enlightenment is allowing the light of ideas, the warm glow of wisdom ("Know thyself.") to help us in our life's choices. Ethics is demonstrating a constant honesty with self and others.

Our world and our country are seeking balance. Nature finds homeostasis (balance) and the climate changes we see are, generally speaking, the natural results of nature's rebalancing itself. Governments everywhere are seeking new ways to achieve balance. When we support issues, relationships, political positions, we contribute to the weighing in of the scales. Even the way in which we choose to express our opinions at the polls (vote/don't vote), (vote by party/vote by issue) reveals much about our nature. Paying attention to that which needs our ardent phone calls or vote or deciding to ignore politics and let others decide our fates is another peek into our tendency to be either freedom or security oriented.

What we choose and what we do or are willing to do in order to be free or to be secure are the basis for our journey here on Earth. Our choices are the roads we take, the people we meet and the results. Our choices are the world we will live in.

Total freedom -- Balance-- Total security. Which would you sacrifice to achieve the other? Which could you simply never give up? Until you begin to understand the spectrum, the choices along that spectrum and your place on it, can you say that you "Know Thyself?"

Spirit has said, "Man is made great by his part in the continuum. The continuum is not made great by man's part in it." A pondering moment.

Question: Which part of the spectrum would find this statement easiest to understand; which would find it the hardest

"Brought to you by the world of spirit: always watching.

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