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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A P P L I E D   P S I

Applied PSI is the practical use of a combination of PSI disciplines such as mind blending with electromagnetic field (EMF)integration, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and remote viewing)with more traditional disciplines, as anthropology, archaeology, historical research, physics, weather forecasting, geologic events, etc.

Additionally, Asha uses parallax action, which is inquisitive toward the unforeseen past.
Asha, with assistance from the Tween, gives distinction to the many views of a broad situation, instructional in its complexity.

Understanding that we are "dynamic tension forever suspended in time," an underlying principle, Asha's technique is effective for specific and pertinant information or communication. Psychic archaeology and time travel are well known examples.

Combining traditional disciplines with advanced PSI is useful also in cases of psychic attack, vampirism, PSI-related sleep problems and apparent dysfunctions or delusions.

Applied PSI for communication is helpful in cases where normal means are hindered, as in cases of coma, autism,or disabilities, such as those following stroke.

Schizophrenia requires individualistic approaches and, in many cases, can be assisted by applied psi. Some comments on the physiological aspects of schizophrenia, offer interesting thoughts about physical and divine "twins."

Everyday applications, such as individuals seeking personal sessions are favored by this technique and even recommended for it.

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