A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
A d v a n c e d  P S I  S I N C E  1 9 8 8

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

A     N     G     E     L



"Madame Arcati.
'Fortunately an Elemental at this time of the year is most unlikely.'"

One can never tell.
They're dreadfully unpredictable.
Usually they take the form of a very cold wind.'"

"Mrs. Bradman.
'I don't think I shall like that.'"

"Madame Arcati.
'Occasionally reaching almost hurricane velocity.'"
From Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward


Stay in Contact with those that walk or fly the Earth with you? Need help?

Can you tell the difference between the vibrations, the sound, the color, the light, the heat of an angel or a master approaching you?

Can you tell if a master or an angel is working from the dark side or the light side at that moment?

The game of life has many levels and the decisions we make and information we receive... the actions we take and the actions directed toward us... occur on many levels... at once. We can be fooled on many levels... at once.

Or helped.

The more advanced you become at the game, the more complex it becomes and the more intense the mistakes and the more quickly the consequences - the reverberations - are felt at all levels... at once.

Trying to make decisions yourself? Have you visited with your higher self? Gone back and spoken with your former self?

When you stop to "smell the roses," who stops with you?

Learn to recognize who is surrounding you or contacting you.

If you need assistance or want to learn "how," come in for a session or several sessions with the purpose of meeting or reconnecting with your guides or angels. Or share memories of times you have seen, heard or felt the presence of the elementals or faeries, angels or ascended masters deceased loved ones or entities from
the "other side"...

Guardians is what you may call them... if you look at the ones that "walk" with you, you will see that they have a different vibration, even if they are occupying human-type bodies; others have human-type heads atop bodies that are covered with downy feathers - bird-like.  Do you converse with them? Have you tried?

Are you too much of a follower to break away from the herd? If so, that is OK, but, for those who are ready, for those who OPEN their eyes,(or their ears, at least), they will see what the others fail to grasp....

What is a HALO?? See it surrounding your entire self?? Do you see numerous rings - like thev rings of Saturn - surrounding yourself or others???

The Mirror reversed or fallen? Removed? Messages from the mirror?

Music for the angels?

Gregorian chants, prior to Solesmen in the 9th century, were not pre-fixed rhythmically or in tone. They were "felt" and created at the moment to be in tune with what seemed correct for that experience. If you enjoy Gregorian chants or the history of music, an interesting article by Matthias Rieger, "Music Before and After Solesmen" is a good introduction.

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