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Case site: Lake Allatoona Area
Cartersville-Cassville, Georgia

"Be it known that on the seventh before we were at Gettysburg. Charlotte knew that. But before we left, we went to the store to load up. Merl told us about this place. We were so tired... after the walk across the state."

Today it is called the Lake Allatoona Inn. Prior to that, when I visited the property, it was called Southwind Health Resort. In its long history, it has also been private homes and outbuildings. During the Civil War period, the property was used as an office for the military - of both sides - while the house next door served as a hospital. A storage building for bread on site later became a gym. Tales spun in later years about that time period, tell that, as the men from the south were instructed to set the bread storage on fire because the enemy was coming, with so many men hungry on both sides, no match was found. No one offered a match to set the fire. And so the bread remained. The railroad, whose tracks once came close to the front door of the main house, is now further away, yet still not far. A battlefield in front of the property is now covered with an artificial lake. Some battlements could still be seen on hilltops.

Over the centuries, Native Americans, pioneers, explorers, settlers and, later, missionaries and their families have lived here. There has been deep sadness, conflict, and pain. There has also been healing.

Is it haunted today?

Definitely. A few of the spirits one may meet if staying on the property:

Chiefton who called himself "King of the Peronka" and said he was here before the "Celtic Tribes."

Joseph (in the basement)

John or Johnson (in the front northwest room downstairs).

Young-looking Union soldier with black hair, mustache and beard.

Martin, who says he was "buried without recognition" (near the lake).

Jacob or Jacobson and another Joseph, as well as at least one male alcoholic.

Merl, the doctor, middle-aged, wearing a white apron, like a butcher's, wrapped around him, tied in front and splashed in blood stains. (Front bedroom) Merl is quoted as saying, "Hell, yes, there was devastation here."

Children are felt on the upper floors.

A woman named Mary/Martha/Marshall and another one named Beth or Bess permiate the entire house. Mary instructed me to put my candle on the fireplace mantal. She was uncomfortable having it placed on the nightstand.

Another Joseph - Joe - who was a flyer and from a later time period, early twentieth century.

The "preacher" and his family also reappear in numerous locations on the property.

In walking the property I began, as I usually do, in the basement. The original walls can still be felt even after the house was expanded in later years and the walls relocated. I was immediately taken by the fact that the property was located in a larger energy alignment and that a pattern of activities had presented itself here. Intense conflict, resulting in injuries and death was crossed by those who came to serve as healers. There are many persons buried on this property, including some without markers.

Drama and healing - anger, divisiveness and the tired, bloodied seeking rest, healing. This has been a home rich in both. Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart" contains some lyrics which suit this property:

"I recognized the walls that I once made
and had to stop in my tracks for fear
of walking on the mines I'd laid
And if I've built a fortress around your heart
Encircled it with trenches and barbed wire
Then let me build a bridge,
for I cannot fill the chasm
Let me set the battlements on fire."

This property is rich in history. A woman who was born and lived her whole life in it still looks in spirit over it and will not hesitate to choose which bed you'll use while visiting her room and which one she'll take. You'll sense the children on the third floor and the soldiers in the front rooms and downstairs. In the basement and outdoors, you will sense the Native Americans. All around, as you walk outdoors, you'll know that there are many "dead" here. A home that has been caught in the crossroads of history invites the bridge of healing today.

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