A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
A d v a n c e d  P S I  S I N C E  1 9 8 8

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now



"The Frequencies Traveler will encounter many types of beings and elements, elementals and thought-forms or frequency-forms or energy-forms--some quite scary, some mischievous, some angelically beautiful -- Seeking beyond mental entities.. as I remember... And, I will remember."
(Frequencies Traveler)

My comfortable spot these days has been an older deep cushioned, soft chaise longue. With wooden bed tray across my lap, I can easily see through the window. In view are nut trees... pecan and walnut. Squirrels love them. Somebody else does not, though. I suspect that these trees, like others nearby, are targets. The windows of this room give a nice view of setting suns and 'cow-jumped-over-the-moon moons' and the satellite which has my name on it that hovers closeby overhead....

I am going through notes and drinking coffee.

The message said:

"Reject every word.
Heat attack, microwave.
There are no more words to say.
Brain, blank of norm.
Reject every word.
Dream contractors.
Reject the dream."

I, who always had been a dreamer, who had interpreted dreams, who had dream messengers... had a message telling me to reject the dream...THE dream. Was this a deliberate choice of a definite article? THE dream is not the same as Dreams in general.


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