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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


AUGUST 9, 2016


My book is being attacked. A machine, err, individual, is saying, "One and only" and then another says, "One of us." Because I had previously said that I might write only one word, such as "ONE." My writing, my mind, my ability to select from the many universes of channeled beings, entities, ideas, is being controlled...commandeered. My book, my life, is being attacked.

All the entities want to get in on the act...to contribute a word, a name, a story. To what end? Do they want to share? Do they want to push a button, click on a list of computerized concepts and broadcast, telecast, microcast (as one of them put it), V2K, whichever word or phrase or story will channel through in place of any other. It will be their book, not mine, not my words, not my ideas. Random, militarized, computer-generated text will "supplant" the potential original. Yes, supplant...their newly generated word? Or mine? Someone else's? The resulting compilation...nonsense script? Authentic? After seizing the channel, who else gets locked out? No one?

No one out there but spies and techies? Is it an empty and vast wasteland, this "other side" behind the mirror and in other worlds? Have they checked to see if there are other entities besides human beings and technological spies and espionage contractors?

Whose thoughts do I think that I think? Who is the dreamer and from whence came the dreams that are not OBVIOUSLY transmitted to and through my brain at night?

If "they" leave, will my mind return to contact with entities or be a blank and dark screen?

My book is being attacked.



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