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NUMBERS 32 - 78
are experiential and can be either temporary or destiny
numbers. Locations, dates, names that add up to these numbers will offer
that experience or influence for the length of time one is exposed.
If the number is one that can be taken from the birthday or name,
throughout the life the influence will be available and will be increased
upon contact with locations or persons with that same vibration.
Short summaries of the numbers 31-78 follow:

30 Series
sexual, expressive, emotional, creative, transformative,
dynamic (Read Number 30)

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The runner. A good number for sports. Changeable creative pairs. Action,
change, motion, travel. Subset of 5. Read also 3 and 2.

Master number. Sacrifice for love or honor.
Love and creativity. Subset of 6. Read 30 and 3.

Lots of messages, emails, cards, phone calls.
Subset of 7. Read 30 and 4.

Money and finance. Changes in creativity or money
gotten through creative action. Subset of 8. Read 30 and 5.

Endings of periods or epochs or spells. Often end
of formal education. Watch out for triangles and stay healthy.
Love and family. Subset of 9. Read 30 and 6.

Opportunity to start. Fortuitous. May meet new persons.
Be open to communicate. Subset of 1 and 10. Read 30 and 7.

Happy couples. Water and beach. Hidden legal matters or contracts.
Subset of 2/11. Read 30 and 8.

Read/study/slow down. Prepare to reverse or come to an end.
Hidden alcohol vibrations. End triangles. Prepare or wait. Subset of 3. Read 30 and 9.

40 Series
Responsibilities and Power. Form and function. Work, build, develop, construct,
solidify, manifest, body-build. Make it real with the use of
the physical and mental world. 40s are subsets of 4. Real also 0 and 10.

Lucky change. Design changes. Gambles and risks in real estate,
relationships and business deals. Sudden meetings and ideas. Relationships may be
sexual or playful, but not grounded in this cycle.
Can be lucky but may be very changeable or depend upon change
for success. Long distance relationships or ones that take
place away from home are partially ruled by 41. Subset of 5. Read 40 and 1.

Loving family. Family responsibilities. Make a home. Take care of loved ones'
health and beauty. Inner restlessness remaining from 41 may
cause crisis. (Age 42 has been called "crazy 42.") Subset of 6. Read 40 and 2.

Mild stress or worry. Calls for relaxing the body and creating comfortable surroundings.
Subset of 7. Read 40 and 3.

Master number. Responsibility, work, the law, forms, restrictions,
routines. Financial responsibiity. IRS, fees, fines, taxes, penalties,
including prison or death. Work responsibilities. Great builders or nation builders.
Large or great projects with public responsibility.
Building 'Green'" or "Habitats for Humananity" are 44s.
Subset of 8. Read 40 and 4.

Phase changes in home, workplace or body. Relocation. Body changes.
Beginning of 3 year "sudden death" cycle.
Subset of 9. Read 40 and 5.

Begin new home, body or work by settling in and getting all
in order. Peace and contentment from beginnings or new things. Healthier environment.
Age "46" is one of the sudden death years. Stress is cumulative.
Sudden introduction of dangerous substances at this cycle
can be deadly.

Hidden psychic/government connection. Relationship connected
to work, body wellbeing. Hidden desire for companionship and fear of
loneliness, death or failure to meet needs of home or becoming homeless can be particularly
strong during this cycle. An unhappy relationship will reach crisis
during a 47 period. Overcome fear and emotional crisis. Need for new home.
Some will feel depressed or suicidal. Subset of 2/11. Read 40 and 7.

Can be stressful because of delays and financial, emotional problems.
Work, finance and physical body responsibilities. Financial
assets come after delays or revisions. Some return to school. Be careful of alcohol during this cycle.
Subset of 3. Read also 40 and 8.

Marriage to a wealthy individual. Complete a solid responsible
project. Prepare for a new cycle. Benefit from or work with marriage, graduations,
death or other status changes. Subset of 4. Read also 40, 9, and 13.

50 Series
Change, freedom. 50 can be lucky. Issues of freedom, travel,
change, and independance and the things which allow them begin to take
precedence over the heavier responsibilities of the 40s.
Subset of 5. Read also 0 and 10.

Changes in self, appearance and image. Health and love issues.
New love may be on the horizon or remarriage. Desire to connect with
family. Subset of 6. Read 50, 5 and 1.

Relationships change, worries surface and partnerships may be
source of stress. Forms and documents can cause concern. Subset of 7.
Travel with partner or find a gambling or sport opponent.
Read also 50, 5 and 2.

Love triangle or sexual partners may alter the life.
Creative expression changes. Creative jobs and businesses can flourish.
Travel or change can inspire art, poetry, acting, music.
Subset of 8. Read 50, 5 and 3.

Phase ending year. Wrap things up, especially involving employment, body, home.
Change environment or sell. Body organs can fail
or car parts completely break down during this cycle. The old is
completing. Subset of 9. Read 50, 5 and 4.

Master number. Break free. Change for change's sake. Start new.
Buy a car, boat, or plane,
but will not keep it though 55 represents success after
a bit of a struggle. Take a gamble. Travel or feel restless and individualistic.
Will not desire old ties if they represent restrictions. Subset of 1. Read 5 and 50.

Hidden government/psychic vibrations, partnerships-both good and ill.
People are not who they represent themselves to be. Hierarchies change.
Travel for health or love or beauty. Changes in the physical body and in relationships.
Need for freedom can conflict with family resonsibilities or the family
can all go on vacation. Subset of 2/11. Read 50 and 6.

Overcome fear of change. Delays, reversals and changes in almost
anything are all posible. 56-58 is one of those major cycles that
represent the result of decisions and actions made 30 years prior.
57 presents stress and may cause crisis in health or homelife.
Delays or other restrictions and reversals can be frustrating.
Using this period for relaxing or reflecting - going to play
golf or get a tan - can follow a daylong wait
at the doctor's office. If freedom cannot be granted, health problems may
appear. Subset of 3. Read 50, 7 and 12.

Transformative for financial situations. Change caused by
death or empty nest can alter financial status for better or worse.
Travel for business or to spend retirement income. Attending ceremonies
is possible, including funerals and weddings. Subset of 4. Read 5, 50, 8, and 13.

Ending cycle for the 50s. Unstable time.
Can feel freeing or uncomfortable. "The only constant is change."
Subset of 5. Read 50, 9, 14.

60 Series
Love, family, health, concern for longetivity and fragility. Health of
family members, cancer or onset of age-related health problems
come to light now. Sentiment and family or partnership love
or lack of it surface. Subset of 6. Read 10 and 0.

Health and beauty and image changes concern life
and death symptoms and attitudes toward graying hair.
Learn to stop worrying. Subset of 7. Read 60 and 1.

Relationships and finances. Insurance. Hospital expenses.
New Loves. Pets. Subsets of 8. Read 60, 2.

Family health and communication issues. Do creative things together.
Phase ending for family. Important to communicate. Check
for serious illnesses. Begin fun new pastime as a family.
Subset of 7. Read also 60 and 3.

Rebuild family, home and health. Start new
projects or get a new job or home. Subset of 1. Read also 10, 4, 60.

Hidden psychic and government.
Generally happy time, family changes and travel. Time
for routine changes. Subset of 2/11. Read also 60 and 5.

Master number. Family, love, health can dominate your life
in this cycle. Time to refocus energies in these areas.
Subset of 3. Read also 12, 6 and 60.

Time again to attend graduations, weddings, funerals
and other ceremonies. Create a ceremony or learn a ritual.
Ponder life after death. Some will change their status.
To overcome health and family worries, keep active or find some
useful endeavor. Gardening or having "occasions to remember" can make
the year more festive. Subset of 4. Read 60, 7, and 13.

With all the financial and family discussions, this number
calls for a break. Go dancing or take a cruise or trip to Vegas.
Spend money on things that lift the spirit and lighten the atmosphere.
This vibration will give plenty of change that involves family and health
finances for better or worse. Subset of 5. Read also 14, 6, 8, and 60.

Repair the body and the automobile and the house
and almost everything. This is a major redo cycle. Some will
call for "miracles." Others will be very busy if they work as physicians,
healers, repairmen or mechanics. Even glass restorers
will be busy in this cycle. Many will realize the ending of a major family
phase or will complete on a love relationship. Fulfillment and recovery
are possible this year.

70 Series
Years of fear and faith. Psychic for some and worry-filled
upon occasion. A decade of underlying fears and ways to
overcome them. Taking a chance or wondering "could it be?"
A subset of 7. Read also 0 and 10.

Worry about one's self: Am I ok?
Do I look OK? Can I live by myself? What can I do now?
Finding a way to overcome self doubt and fear and money woes
will make this cycle more fun. Subset of 8. Read also 70 and 1.

Worrying about partners or children or holding one's
breath awaiting results of other's contests or legal decisions.
Taking a chance on a new or different partner.
Listening to the worries of neighbors and friends. Subset of 9. Read also 70 and 2.

Starting fresh and finding ways to communicate.
Buy cellphones, computers. Laugh, write letters. Go to shows.
Find ways not to worry so much. Find a new lover or try new things with your
present one. Subset of 1. Read also 70 and 10 and 3.

Dreams, premonitions, psychic phenomena. Start a psychic club or business.
Paint or write or play music. Feng Shui your home. Call the government about taxes, or social security.
Find lots to do with partners of all kinds.
Overcome loneliness. Don't spend time alone too often.
Subset of 2/11/7. Read also 4 and 70.

Find a way to be in differing environments from time to time.
Lots of sleeping, waiting, reading or sewing and other calming activities will
be helped by changing the atmosphere. Changes in the memories, physical health and lives of those
around you make you worry when you are alone. Subset of 3. Read also 12, 70, and 5.

Worries about the health of loved ones and ones own health can dominate in this cycle.
There is love in this cycle and concentrating on this aspect may help lessen
the negative thoughts. Finding positive companions and reading or watching positive
or happy shows on television or going out can ease your very busy mind.
Working for the health of others in general (volunteer work) will be good for some. Subset of 4. Read also 13,, 7, 6 and 70.

Master number. Psychic. Fear or courage - both will challenge you in this
cycle. Many times you will be making decisions alone, even in a filled room.
Read about number 7. Offset this vibration with happy people
who lift your spirit. Go dancing or gambling or take a trip. You will also be
restless. Fear during this cycle will usually center around life-death issues
or serious health concerns for self or partners. Some 77s become recluses or hermits.
Some 77s take on exciting challenges in sports or gambling.
Some will become monks or spiritual teachers. Underlying change in this number
may result in several lifestyles or professions in this period.
Subset of 5. Read also 7, 11, 0, and 70.

Fortunate number. Miracle in finances. Usually "lucky" breaks
or great opportunities happen financially during this cycle. Stop worrying
about money and the physical world. Subset of 6. Read also 15, 7, 8, and 70.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!



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