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Caught Between

Quote from an article which appeared in the Thursday, October 2, 2008 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "A former high-ranking CIA official has pleaded quilty in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA to abusing his influence within the agency to direct lucrative contracts toward an old friend who showered him with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts. Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, 53, the agency's third-highest ranking officer from 2004-2006 will be sentenced Jan. 8."

The worn-out spy line, "that's the world we live in," used in order to get away with abusing U.S. citizens these days, is being exposed. "Do what you gotta do." (or, "Do what you have to do") is often overheard in conversations between operatives, agents, and their bosses or instructors at FBI and other agencies. "That's the world we live in" is many times used on the street by undercover agents to targets as a sort of non-answer to justify the means used to achieve ends.

This line of thinking and speaking has traditionally been associated with mafias and, these days, there are two kinds of them: openly illegal and "supposedly" legal. There is a group caught in the middle between these two groups of thugs, both virtual mafias, both getting paid to "do what they gotta do." For the sake of this project, we are calling this group "vulnerables." They are people in desperate survival-based situations - the homeless, the down and out (but still trying), the immigrants who are not well funded, the financially poor at all levels in society and anyone who finds themselves in a position of isolation or marginalization.

When the vulnerable one hears "do what you have to do" he or she has difficult choices to make. One is criminalized for failing to list a "home address," although listing a current residential situation, for example, would place them in an even more imperiled position: most often resulting in being refused jobs, rentals, mail boxes or other basics needed to improve their safety and security. No better option, listing shelters or half-way houses as an address affects the credit report for years, even if that person were there for only one day. That is the reality of the current situation. Even more omenous, their social security number, personal family information, photo and identification documentation is placed in the hands of persons who can abuse them - cases have been seen of numbers being reused after the person has departed, for example. Names of shelter residents are not kept confidential despite the concept being advertised. The reality, again, is that law enforcement, other agencies and shelter systems, donors and other special interests are given names. Local businesses and residents also recognize the address of the shelter or halfway house and discrimination or other form of disrespect follows, whether such behavior is appropriate for the individual person or not. Stereotyping is convenient for obtaining funding. "Lists" are becoming more and more standard. To find one's name on a list, deservedly so or not, represents loss for the individual and financial gain for others. A "vulnerable" is one who is often seen by the ones who would abuse the situation as being "ideal" if he or she appears not to have the ability to "fight back." In other words, if the person indicates that family members are not present or willing to assist them, they are easily marginalized for financial gain or other purpose.

Vulnerability is exploited by one or both groups because these groups are "doing what they have to do." Why? Because "this is the world we live in." But:

Wasn't the vulnerable person, in the end, the most qualified person to use this justification, if anyone could?

Think about it. Maybe this is the world you choose to live in today, but the day is long - twenty-four whole hours. Will this be the same world you will want to live in tomorrow?

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Target is Part II of the Vulnerables Series, a give-back series.

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