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It is regrettable that those agencies and agents representing the United States of America, along with contracted, enlisted, and voluntary partners, have knowingly allowed not only the existence of a non-protocol, erroneous, and illegal inclusion of the name of a U.S. citizen on a list designed for foreigners and potential terrorists who are enemies of the State; but, also, that the full array of destructive actions available in following orders to "freeze assets," not allowing the citizen to seek well-being, nor allowing her to keep that which helps her to "prosper" have been used on a continuous basis for YEARS to the complete mental, physical, social, emotional, financial, reputational detriment of the citizen, her business, and her family.

It is further regrettable that, after several years of continuous theft, defamation, destruction of property, medical malpractice and assault, ostracism and social/business isolation on a daily/nightly basis, agents continued to insult and endanger the reputation and safety of this citizen, who was a known "name" in her business niche, by failing to acknowledge the damage inflicted upon herself and her material belongings/income, as well as, by the non-reference to the existence of the business and its work (suppression of evidence.)
It is beyond mentioning the reprehensable behavior of agents/agencies who perjured themselves, "washed" documents, suppressed evidence, obstructed justice (i.e. theft of Registered Mail addressed to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court [FISA Court]), intimidated witnesses and whistleblowers, and permitted injury to the brain of the U.S. citizen (DARPA weaponry-device and injection of anti-psychotic for unsupportable purposes and under false pretenses) in order to build up a false case ("railroad," "frame") against the citizen. Additionally, it is legally offensive and ethically reprehensable that, upon examination, the government agents/agencies misrepresented the case to the taxpayers, to Congressional committees, to Inspectors General and to the media for the purposes of: 1)financial profit; 2)"Cover-up;" 3)Avoiding prosecution or legal/financial responsibility. The result: destruction of a U.S. citizen and the means of support for same for the financial profit of government agents, contracted partners, and others who received product, goods, copyrighted materials written by the citizen without permission.

It is further regrettable that the above actions have been allowed to be continued, perpetuated, and recreated daily and have not, to date, been halted. Neither have the citizen's losses been addressed nor future losses (brain damage, loss of clients, etc.) been tallied, the taxpayer cost repaid, nor a published correction printed redressing the ills, which rise to "persecution and torture," created against the U.S. citizen by the aggregious actions of the United States' agents/agencies in declaring what is tantamount to "war" against its own citizen, with a judgment of persona non grada status.

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Asha Ariel Aleia

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